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Not your typical digital course...We help you create organic content that establishes trust and resonates with your audience to achieve high performing results. For easy marketing on IG & FB that ignites growth for your brand. This course provides white label templates, video tutorials, and more!


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This guide will help you create an enticing freebie and low-cost offer step by step to help you generate the right leads. To help nurture them by customizing their journey to learn about your products and services and to a sales conversion.

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Are you waisting money on coaches & courses that teach you what “used” to work in marketing? The reality is, the tactics that used to work last year will put you out of business today. This 6 week intensive gives you everything you need for a framework that out matches constant app updates and trends.


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1:1 Coaching

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It’s essential to know how well any strategy is performing that's why I'll conduct a thorough assessment by collecting all information needed so that you can improve your marketing goals to drive massive revenue growth



This guide will help you create an enticing freebie or low-cost offer in simple steps to help you generate the right leads for your business. To position you as the expert and win their trust so that they buy. 

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I'm all in!

meet Christina

My name is Christina I'm a single mom, homeschool educator and the founder and CEO of Selah Marketing. I help small business owners get in front of the right audience to attract, not chase their dream clients. We offer Done-with-you social media marketing strategies. 

I'm here to share with you my knowledge about social media and all things marketing.

I'm working hard to help you succeed in your business. I've struggled and figured out what works, so that you won't have to. Here at Selah Marketing your mission is our mission to generate growth strategically!

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I Love Lucy

Fuller House

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Gotta love cheesy sitcoms!

Fuller House

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I love a good red blend that's a little sweet!

wine (red to be exact)

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Specifically Athens, Corinth & many others! 


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— Arlene C.

"Thank you so much for helping me. The WORLD needs to hear about your services. I appreciate everything!!"

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